Growfoam 25 Pack



Prepare for a hydroponic revolution with Growfoam, where seeds find their cozy nest and sprout into a vibrant kingdom of greenery!

Use Growfoam to cultivate any leafy green plant.  Simply place 1-3 seeds into the shallow dimple of the Growfoam and place it into one of the Aquatree Cones.  The cones fit snuggly into the Garden lid and onto an Irrigation Tray.  You will need to add nutrients for your leafy greens to thrive.

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Growfoam® is an all-new foam substrate with a soft structure for easier, faster and optimized root development.  It is the only sustainable and future-proof growing solution available to date.  100% bio degradable, clean and peat-free used for growing any leafy green or plant.

  1. 100% Biodegradable
  2. Carbon Neutral Production
  3. Facilitates “No Need To Wash” Claim
  4. Free of E.Coli and Listeria