Get Growing With Aquatree

Starting at $439

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Innovation stands at the forefront of Aquatree’s simplicity. Never before have you been able to effortlessly grow so much high quality microgreens and sprouts so quickly.


Create your ideal setup and expand as you please. Our modular device makes customizing your next harvest as easy
as 1, 2, 3…


The Aquatree Garden reduces waste and minimizes biproducts while using sustainable materials to optimize growth. Use it for years to come without compromising your wallet or the environment.

How It Works

Water Flow

Aquatree’s fluid dynamics takes Hydroponics to futuristic levels. Every part of the tree has been tested and refined to maximize oxygen absorption and nutrient uptake.


Our energy efficient lighting system is full spectrum balanced to encourage early leaf formation and to accelerate overall growth.

Always place your trays over the ledge of your sink for drainage

Use a sharp knife to cut away microgreen roots from the Micro Lid

Harvesting Baby Lettuce from Growfoam in the Garden Lid

Remove water from the tank with your drain hose.

We Have You Covered

Up to 1-year Full Warranty

Our full warranty covers parts and performance. Plus, no need to worry about returning our product. If you experience technical issues with the Aquatree, we will send you any replacement parts!

   1-Level With Light: 19” D x 17”H
   2-Level With Light: 19” D x 22”H
   1-Level With Light: 11 lbs
   2-Level With Light: 14 lbs
Bonus Features
   1 tbsp Scoop
   1 Bristle Cleaning Brush
   15 Watt Pump
   1 Microgreen Light & 1 Lettuce Light
   High Quality BPA, BPS Free Zylar Resin
   UV Resistant


Learn to Assemble the Aquatree Garden

Assembly Parts

Connect the Spout to the Tank Lid

Turn filter Counter Clockwise

Connect Pump to Pump Tube

Note: The pump electric cord must run through the Tank Lid

Place Lid/Spout Assembly onto Tank

Connect Light HUB to Grow Light

Add Extension, Grow Light and Cap to Spout

Connect 5 Irrigation Trays to the Spout

Add either Micro Lids or Garden Lids to the Trays

1-Level Aquatree Garden with Micro Lids

2-Level Aquatree Garden with Micro and Garden Lids